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Having kittens

Means never having to brush your teeth alone. Or anything else, either, like comb your hair. Let alone sleep. They do sometimes go their own ways, mostly in the service of finding more trouble to get into. It’s a good thing they’re so cute. I mean, the boxer is starting to seem well-behaved by comparison.


Dear internet, Let me introduce to you “Climbs on furniture,” briefly known as Thing 1, and to be called Norathar for short (Nora for shortest). And let me also introduce her sister, “Get your teeth out of my toe dammit,” briefly known as Thing 2, and called Cawti for short. I can assure you that […]

So there are these kittens

By utter accident I have taken the best kitten picture ever. Those two nine-week-old sisters have been living here since yesterday afternoon. They spent about three minutes hiding behind the toilet, then three hours galloping back and forth across the living room. Shortly thereafter, this. They seem to be settling in well, don’t you think?


A while ago Laura commented on some of my Trygvi photos, and asked whether he really spent that much time upside-down. She didn’t remember Grendel as frequently inverted. Trygvi really does spend a remarkable amount of time with his feet up in the air, whether doing a headstand, or swimming the backstroke across the living […]


I’ve been repeating all week that March is fired, and I’m just giving it a couple of days to pack its bags and go. I’ve been repeating this, loudly, every time it starts snowing. But the crocuses are finally blooming! No photos, because it’s raining. Hey, at least it’s not snow. I’ll get some pictures […]


Entropy in action. This is why we can’t have nice things. And notice he switched couches. Can’t nap on it after all the cushions have been thrown on the floor!

Don’t mind me

Here, have a picture. This is what I’ve been working on, or not working on. Some of both, I suppose. A pair of socks on DPNs, and learning how to knit two socks at once on two circs. Also, boxer.

Ferocious Monster

Ferocious Monster, Octoberish 1994 – January 13, 2013 Morgan was my longest constant companion, accompanying me from North Carolina to New Mexico to Pennsylvania. He outlasted Ghost and Grendel: there before either, and after both. He was with me longer than Nick, even. But eventually the body wears out, the medicine stops working so well, […]

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas morning, if only for another hour. There’s family, and food, and even snow. And the boxer, of course. I’m looking out the window at the snow, with a mug of coffee and some knitting. One sock on double-points, one pair of socks on two circular needles. I wanted to learn something new and […]

Endlessly entertaining

Boxer, on encountering snow for the first time. Wait. This is not right. Are you sure we should go out there? Really? Mom? Mom? Really? NOT RIGHT. *sticks snow in shrubbery* *snow falls on nose* *licks nose* *cautious advance out from under porch* Mom, you’re sure, right? Hey! Everything smells DIFFERENT! Mom, we need to […]